Mrs. Cheifer, Art Teacher in Clinton Twp., NJ

Mrs. Cheifer, Art Teacher in Clinton Twp., NJ

a brief bio

a brief bio

Butterfly Paintings

Tempera paint using accents of florescent colors, ages 6-12 years
Age 9

Age 6

Adult Mandalas

Adult Nature & Still Life Drawings

Foil People and Clay House Containers

Foil Figures showing an emotion, inspired by Rodin

Clay House Containers using coils to build the walls with empty spaces for windows.

Woven Stll Life

Inspired by cubism and works of Picasso and Braque, students painted the same still life two times: one in low key colors and the other in high key colors. Cutting them into strips and weaving them created a fascinating movement of design similar to cubism. Ages 7-12.

Butterfly Hangings

Age 5 to grade 1 started making symmetrical line printing based on a Japanese style of print making. These were then painted symmetrically, cut in wing shapes then glued to large black butterfly wings. Keeping with the patterns of painted piece, children connected then continued the patterns onto the black using oil pastels.


Pattern Animals

Grades 1-5 drew their animals first then colored them with heavy crayon. Next they painted one section at a time and etched through wet acrylic paint to make line and shape patterns.
5th grade

2nd grade